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Electrical Installations of all types

The electrical installation is one of the most important points that you must pay great attention to when building a home or business, mainly for safety but also in regards to functionality and aesthetic effect.

Home Facilities

At Electrologikes we place great emphasis on the quality of the materials and the way the electrical installation is done and we provide solutions that guarantee assurance but also the possibility for future uses without problems and repairs.

Store Facilities

We fully explain the needs of the company and ensure the safety of all and every equipment regarding the electrical installation of your business space while at the same time we provide architectural lighting solutions.

HPPC Certificates

The Responsible Installer Declaration (R.I.D.) or Certificate of Electrician as it is better known, is requested by the HPPC. at specific intervals to control electrical installations and ensure their safe operation in accordance with the existing legislation.

Lighting determines the atmosphere and mood

Architectural Lighting

We fully undertake the configuration of the lighting for your space to highlight its aesthetics and architecture

Always In good mood

Depending on your space, we create the best atmosphere for all hours of the day and night

Lightning ConstructionsLuminaires
Electrical Installations

Electrical Panels with safety and load resistance

The installation of the electrical panel is the epitome for your operation of the house or business and determines the safety of all as well as the protection of appliances and lamps.

Energy and Autonomy

Photovoltaic and Generator Systems for UPS

Renewable energy sources are the future and autonomy of every property. Advanced generators provide power to homes and businesses at every power outage with, ensuring quick interchange and excellent performance.

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