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Let there be LED Light!

Let us illuminate your space properly and with quality!

Needs Analysis

We can study your space and calculate in each part of your home or business what type and how much energy is required.

Wide variety of lighting fixtures

The choice of luminaire is important and at the same time, in addition to the performance, it must match the character and the architecture that we wish to attain. We have a huge variety of lighting fixtures in classic and modern designs, even handmade to choose from.
Lamp Samples

Special Constructions

We undertake special constructions after consultation in order to create lighting fixtures from imaginative materials and objects, always according to safety practices.

Lists of light - fixtures

LED - Advantages of LED Lighting

Energy Efficiency

Led lamps, unlike conventional ones, have a high energy efficiency as they use at least 80% of the consumption to produce light instead of 25% of the conventional ones.


Led lamps are 100% ecological and safe and recyclable. In addition, they do not contain harmful and dangerous substances such as zinc contained in conventional lamps.

Color Options

The possibilities of color choice and color temperature are unlimited with led lamps while there are many affordable options in adjustable lamps in case you want a change of color.