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Electrical Housing Installations

Electrical installation of houses is a great asset in their construction.

The right materials (panels, fuses, cables, and their cross sections, etc.) and a good, certified professional electrician installer form the combination that will give a correct, safe, functional and aesthetic result. A successful investment regarding the money of the owner and construction of the building.

The necessity of sockets, switches, electrical appliances, air conditioning, heating, automation, alarm, etc. are huge. For all the above to work, cables, that will carry the electricity from the main electrical panel to the necessary places are needed.

Not to omit the phone, the internet, the TV (analog, digital or cable) which require lot of cables too.

This process requires the installation of many plastic or metal pipes, which inside them will protect the electrical cables. All these pipes, in the way the constructions are manufactured in our country, will have to go through the masonry process.

Electrical installations of commercial spaces

The appearance of your store is one of the main factors for your professional success.

Proper electrical installation in both functionality and especially in lighting technique helps to create the image you want to project. Give us the opportunity to create this image of yours, studying and constructing your electrical installation utilizing our knowledge and many years of experience.