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Air Conditioning And Heating

Electrical Items


Security camera

Install security cameras on your premises so you know what’s going on in your home or business even when you’re not there.

LED tape

For hidden lighting of various colors in your space quickly and economically, choose LED strips and place them easily and quickly wherever you wish.

Smart Lamp

Turn on the light in your space with a single movement. Use the remote control and set the lamp colors to what you want.


To be able to control who is at your door at all times, install a video doorbell in your home or business.

Home Appliances

 Immersion Blender

Process your food easily and quickly with a powerful Immersion Blender and prepare your food with a single push.

Steam cleaner

Find the steam cleaner that suits your needs, for instant disinfection and cleaning.

Forehead thermometer

To measure your and your children’s temperature easily and quickly, use a digital forehead thermometer.

Electrical Substrate

Choose the heated underlay that suits you for a single or double bed and enjoy a warm bed every hour and moment.